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First to conceive the possibility of small particles combining to form molecules; distinguished between compounds and mixtures; studied air and water pressures, desalination, crystals and electrical phenomena. (1742-1786) Discovered chlorine, tartaric acid, sensitivity of silver compounds to light (photochemistry); and oxidation of metals. (1743-1794) Discovered nitrogen; studied acids and described composition of many organic compounds. His ideas led to laws of multiple proportions, constant composition and conservation of mass. (1776-1856) Proposed principle that equal volumes of gases contain the same number of molecules. (1779-1850) Classified minerals chemically; discovered and isolated many elements (Se, Th, Si, Ti, Zr); coined the terms isomer and catalyst; noted existence of radicals; anticipated discovery of colloids. Priestley, Joseph (1733-1804) Discovered oxygen, carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide. Le Blanc, Nicholas (1742-1806) Invented a process for making soda ash from sodium sulfate, limestone and coal. The number (6.02 x 1023 for 22.41 litres of any gas) is a fundamental constant that applies to all chemical units. (1778-1850) Discovered boron and iodine, studied acids and bases and discovered indicators (litmus); improved production method for H2SO4, did basic research on behavior of gases versus temp and on the ratios of gas volumes in chemical reactions. Faraday, Michael (1791-1867) Extended Davy’s work in electrochemistry. It all started in December of 2016 when the former Bravo star was paired up with Shemar on an episode of A viewer called in asking if Shemar is single and ready to mingle. I'm not trying to keep the ladies off me," he shared.Let's just say sparks flew soon after."I am always dating. "I'm blessed with this life but I'm ready to share it with someone."Soon after, a separate caller asked Phaedra what kind of man she was looking for. He's right besides me."If that wasn't hot enough, Phaedra dropped a big hint during the "Well, you hooked me up with somebody and we chat from now and then," she shared. Nobel, Alfred (1833-1896) Invented dynamite, smokeless powder, blasting gelatin. (1834-1907) Discovered periodicity of the elements and compiled the first Periodic Table.

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Boyle, Sir Robert (1637-1691) Formulated fundamental gas laws. (1745-1827) Invented the electric battery, a series of "piles" or stacks of alternating layers of silver and zinc, or copper and zinc, separated by paper soaked in brine (electrolyte). Dalton, John (1766-1844) The first great chemical theorist; proposed atomic theory (1807); stated law of partial pressure of gases. (1850-1936) Fundamental research on equilibrium reactions (Le Chatelier’s Law), combustion of gases, and metallurgy of iron and steel. (1851-1908) Discovered radioactivity, deflection of electrons by magnetic fields and gamma radiation. Elucidated structure of DNA molecule (1953) resulting in development of gene-splicing (recombinant DNA) techniques. (1917-1979) Nobel Prize 1965 for his brilliant syntheses of such compounds as cholesterol, quinine, chlorophyll and cobalamin.