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We may conceive of this earher people of Mamers, as of the Mamertine of a more historical period: that they were a band of resolute adventurers from various parts, practised in arms, and little scrupii- lous how they used them. An Etruscan population was equally a component of Rome, to which her rehgious rites and gorgeous insignia of power bear testimony. Thus the origin of the highest Eoman nobility may have greatly resembled that of the larger band of adventurers who followed the standard of William the Norman, and were the founders of the nobility of England." " The people or citizens of Eome were divided into the three tribes of the Eamnenses, Titienses, and Luceres,' to whatever races we may Researches of Niebuhr. The much oppressed though important order of Plebeians existed as early as the time of Eomu- lus, and they have been occasionally confounded with the Chents.

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His plausible tale was beheved, and at length so much confidence did the inhabitants repose in him, that they gave him the command of their troops. Arrival of an embassy from Athens— Dio genes, Carniades, and Critolaus. 3kinr^'°° "^ legislated for the plebeians, the king strongly distrusted the patri- cians ; and to such an extent did he carry this fee Ung, that he took up his abode upon the Esquiline hill, while he assigned to them the valley of the " Patricius Vicus." The steady, long, and increasing popularity of the Eoman king, had almost deprived L. Messengers ran hastily announcing this to the king. of his father on which he was seated, to which he had more right than Servius. The harvest season, when the plebeians were absent in the fields getting in then- stock of com, presented a favourable opportunity. 143 The Numantim War ass.) Roman arms victorious over the Numan- tines; unsuccessful against the Lusitani.

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The treacherous Tarquin only waited a favorable time to put into execution his blood-thirsty schemes. 145 Fabius ji Emi Uanus sent against Viriathus, commander of the Lusitani.

The chariot ro Ued over the body of the father, whose blood spurted over the chariot and the dress of the wicked Tu Uia. Just about this time, a woman of strange appearance presented herself to king Tarquinius, oifering him nine books of the prophecies of the Sibyl, for three hundred pieces of gold.

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