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14-Nov-2017 17:33

His Tony Award speech has clearly emphasised the point.

It’s also true that after he met Julia in 2010 his life took an upward swing.

She pronounced it the best steak she’d ever had and even took a picture of it.

Ever since, Corden has raved about their relationship.

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As well as his conceited Bafta behaviour, he had an ugly award ceremony spat with Patrick Stewart, chatted up Lily Allen in front of the cameras and made some rather bad taste comments about a made-up sex life with Keira Knightley.

James Corden James Corden turns 35 years old today, so we see who he has dated since he has been in the limelight.

The One Chance actor dated actress Sheridan Smith until 2009, whom he met on the set of Gavin and Stacey.

Almost teary and a bit stuttery, Corden could only gush about how he was “overwhelmed” to be mentioned in the same breath as other nominees James Earl Jones, Frank Langella, John Lithgow and “my favourite actor in the world” Philip Seymour Hoffman.

“To be on a list with you was enough,” he said, addressing the other actors in the audience.

“I think most of all I was lonely,” he writes, reproaching himself for “brattish” behaviour and saying that while he had everything he thought he ever wanted he “couldn’t have been more miserable.” A t the time, he says, he was “heartbroken”.

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