Dating gurus compared

06-Aug-2017 22:00

Some of our readers asked us to take another look at Our, since our first review several years ago.

We were pleasantly surprised to find a wider member base, more features and slightly lower prices. Besides, people 50 aren't the silver haired gran's and pop's that many of us remember from our youth: these are people who are likely to be on the bike trails and in the gym, and have successful careers.

We liked' utter simplicity: after only a few clicks, we were on. It's fun, free, and yes, it does have privacy controls.

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Because so many people are looking for a customer service phone number, see below*.

The Pros: We liked the fact that there is a dating site available for singles who are seeking a long term committed relationship, instead of a casual hook-up or casual dating.

For this reason, prepared to be very patient, as the matching process takes a while. How it works is you make some degree of initial contact online.

What really turns us off is POF's ugly, barebones interface and the type of person it tends to attract.

Mind you: we're not referring to either you or us, of course!Then, should you wisely decide to cancel your very expensive membership, you'll find that it's harder than calling the electric company on the day of a city-wide blackout. is confusing to the consumer, who are mainly young 20-something's accustomed to having their personal lives splayed over their FB page (as is an option with Zoosk).