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“We brought his remains home in bags,” he explains with little expression.

“We could only find his legs so we buried them in our village.” There have been more than 30 U. missile strikes in the tribal areas in the last year.

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New York Times (April 5, 2009) Day of Suicide Attacks Displays Strength of Pakistani Taliban Three suicide attacks in the span of 24 hours could be a sign that the Pakistani Taliban are overwhelming the Pakistan's security forces.She describes some of the children she met while filming and a Taliban commander responsible for child recruitment. 23 2009) Class Dismissed in Swat Valley This short documentary profiles an 11-year-old Pakistani girl on the last day before the Taliban were to close down the all-girls school she attended.Christian Science Monitor (March 9, 2009)Pakistans Tenuous Gains on Taliban A pair of ceasefire agreements with the Taliban in Pakistan -- in Bajaur and the Swat Valley -- have drawn familiar criticism. (Caution: Some disturbing video.) UK Guardian (Feb.“They teach us to use a machine gun, Kalashnikov…Then they teach us how to do a suicide attack,” he tells our reporter.

Despite the Swat peace deal, the Pakistan Army has been battling the Taliban for several months, deep inside the tribal belt.Her journey begins at a rehabilitation center in Peshawar, where she talks with many young victims caught in the crossfire of this war. There was a note saying that if anyone moved the dead body, they would share its fate.” Before the Taliban took control of Qainat’s village, the women in her family attended university and worked.

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