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Another thing thought they have in common with one another is marriage. I ca feel it because both of you exudes that feeling of unsurpassed happiness... Otherwise, these mischievous friends of yours will slip their tongues out and then you and Ella will be part of the main headline. He stopped you from saying too much or else it might reach the headlines... Don't tell me you're aiming to be the last in the race to the finish line?! ~your Baobei will get Happier if you do that sooner! Ella knows you have been brought up conservatively so you don't want your proposal to be a public display. "Part 56 : by marika, "You can tell your wifey this too you know. Anyway, any not so obvious hints that you can give? Chun comments on HK and says how "Ella is his girlfriend..HK," with "in HK" as an after thought.16 Jul - Appearance of Ella and Baron Chen rumors. Seeing those babies makes me wanna do JMM's mission of kidnapping them and making the two of them do the you know what thing. The two are amongst the top artists that are commenting on settling down and starting a family soon. I can see it through the glow in your eyes and your wife...undeniably so blissful... ” Part 20 : by May, “Oh, Chun, look what LOVE has done to you.... do you read all those messages been left by all the angels here? =D Unless you purposely want that to happen which is pretty good to us! ”Part 44 : by mariane, “Did you hear what Baobei said??? ~Ella wishes that she would get similar love proposal with Selina's and she hopes that it will going to be happened in one of their concerts! ( did you know that Ella's dad shouted that "next is Ella's turn"? But you're a romantic at heart and Ella knows what you've done and what you will be doing for her in the future is more romantic and memorable. " Part 57 : by mira, "Chun, Ella's birthday will be coming soon, in a week's time to be exact. i know you're busy now in shanghai shooting for your new drama, but still i want you to use your sneaking skills to come back and see her during her birthday. Was reported that Chun became the unlucky scapegoat and the person in the Apple Daily article was actually Baron and not Chun, but Ella quickly denies the rumors she has with Baron. Chun kept saying that he wouldn't until she, Ella, had said that the relationship was real even when she had already stated so herself. Or if you can't, yes send Baobei flowers.”Part 7 : by lourence , “~marry Baobei soon ok? BTS 1 & 2 05 Jan - SHE & Fahrenheit went to Guang Zhou to film the next Meng Niu CF for four days. Somehow missed posting here and so many thinmgs changed. Like for example, the newbies aren't newbies at all already. In the end, he ended up saying he would congratulate her if the news was real. It was also reported that Chun's father was in Guang Zhou at that time also.13 Jan - Jiro said he wants to draw a Q-version (cartoon) of him, Chun and Ella on her(E) hand (or maybe the truth is he only wants to draw CE on Ella's hand x D) CLIP (TRANS ON DESCRIPTION BOX)22 Jan - During the presscon of [SHE Is The One - Malaysia], the MC asked SHE if it's possible that they'll sing a Malay song in the concert. Chun's expressions from his new MV and Ella's from her MVs are definitely matching! Speaking of Chun's new MV with Patty, I just read an article about it. And the CE Language/Encyclpedia thingo that you guys were doing. Both Chun and Ella's age for getting married and the number of kids also seem to match up. I wonder why you're so so hyper and handsome in your latest MN CF (considering that you're just donning a simple T-shirt), could it be the result whenever you're near with your wifey? ”Part 28 : by May, “Hi Chun, I really love the mega hints you dropped concerning your ideal girl (well your description really fits Ella to a T... I hope that you'll make your marriage proposal to your BAOBEI at the soonest time possible..didn't you mentioned that it will not be good for your wifey's health if she gives birth to your children at a very late age? She wishes to have the same love proposal as Selina~ Better plan your proposal already. We are all waiting fo the big day to come”Part 45 : by mira,"HOPE, DREAM and BELIEVE. Chun denies the rumors of him and Charlene, co-star in Butterfly Lovers, dating for three months, but otherwise stays neutral. When Chun changed his plan of getting married at 28 to getting married at 35, Ella also changed her plan. ...c'mon don't deny it, you really got excited when you're with her.. .really shows, if you're still shy, you can whisper it to one of the CE Angels, don't worry, I'm sure were gonna know it also since it will reverberate just like waves”Part 21 : by wuchen10229, “Do you believe in the sad saying..' You don't know what you've got, until it's gone'.. I know that at this time.is like water scooped in your hands but you can't get a good grip on.worries.are all here to share our hands put it under and above yours, so there would be no way she'll slip away..until the time comes.”Part 22 : by Leen, “Chun , really thanks a lot for have always been so nice towards CE fans ..though I'm not one of the fans who had the chance to face you and voice out my love for CE in front of you , I'm really very happy to know how you really appreciate us , CE fans ...thank you a lot , Chun ..thank you a lot for your sincerity and everything . I'm so proud of your pronouncements and selfless concern 'coz it only shows that you will be a doting husband and father in the future...don't be afraid that your marriage to Ella will affect your respective careers (although reality check says that it will, I firmly believe that you will overcome them)..so short a time, you have already proven something, and so there goes with Ella, more or less she had already carved her niche in the Taiwanese entertainment industry... Aug - BL wrap up, more rumors of Chun and Charlene, though these rumors are quickly squashed when BL promos are over.31 Aug - HK promotion in Japan; Chun, Jiro, and Danson. Haven't talked to you for like centuries already. How I missed seeing mushroom soups and everything related to mushrooms. But here is one that involves the ring that we see hanging around Chun's neck in THIS picture. hehehe -- P-CE SUPER DRINK” Part 13 : by May, “CE Angels are always on the look-out if ever you become naughty...nonetheless, I do believe you are a faithful hubby”Part 14 : by Leen, “Chun , huhuh.you love eating fishball soup as well ??? I really hope that one day , if you have the chance to go and eat out with Ella , you'll really bring her to eat her fishball soup and wait for her patiently till she finishes her soup ..ehehee.just randomly saying about this..huhuh.knows that you had actually brought her to eat fishball soups for so many times before..uhuks!!! haha asking her if it's okay to marry a bruneian??! Hehe”Part 33 : by Betty, “Chunnie , when are you going to take action? The banana to apple thingy, it's just too obvious that I don't know what to say. Are you going to propose your baobei on the day of your birthday? (I do pray that you'll do something special for BAOBEI! CE angels have been defending you through hell and the accusations are already hurting all of us and will hurt us more if the person we are defending from the bashers is really what they are accusing for.”Part 38 : by mizuki, “Where are you now? I love your slogan "HOPE*DREAM*BELIEVE in LOVE" sounds sooo familiar..since we've used those words so many times. I'm now hoping, dreaming and believing you are with your wife...”Part 39 : by pua, “Chunnie! I'm sure that you've read all the previous messages by CE Angels , right ?? your soon to be father-in-law gives already blessing..hahaha! That's why I probably need to go to the doctor to have my ears checked upon. your wifey is going to celebrate her special day soon, i wonder if you have some "extra special" gifts to her.haha~ i know you won't miss this day, despite of your filming, i'm quite confident you might send her your sweetest greetings ok? Also attends the Seoul Drama Award where Chun repeatedly says how "hot" and "sexy" Ella is in her dress. miss u all badly too ..thanks a lot for missing me ... and Betty , I'll response to your pm in CEFC perhaps this weekend ..really really sorry for taking such a long time to let you know about this .. I believe that this ring is a ring that the two share because we can see Ella wearing a ring that seems to fit the design of the ring around his neck in THIS picture and maybe even THIS one. ”Part 15 : by Mizuki, “Chunnie~You're too close.. ..kidding..”Part 16 : by Mariane, “Chunnie, what were you thinking during the shooting of MN CF? I really hope you will celebrate Ella's birthday with her! Jia you also to your new drama with Rainie and to your other upcoming projects! we HOPE, we DREAM and we BELIEVE in your proposal to Ella soon!! wanna wish you and Ella for ETERNAL HAPPINESS TOGETHER ..." Part 50 : by Jo, "Hehehe.. Anything will do, just to let other people shut up for awhile." Part 52 : by mizuki, "Chunnie, I know how much you miss your wife.. CLIP28 Aug - Chun suddenly slips about the way Ella pronounces "mushroom", even asking for Da S and Xiao S to say the word in Ella's cute way, with the expression too, while he was shooting for 12 Jan - Wild Day Out event in Hong Kong, Chun points at CE sign? before I log off , just want to let Angels know that I'm very happy of how we're still right here rooting for CE for more than 4 years ..

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One of the major ones is how we believe that the two are sharing a lot of their things. ”Part 34 : by mizuki, “I've heard you started shooting new drama already and will be there for 3 months. I really really hope you'll attend your wife's concert tomorrow!! ”Part 36 : by May, “I learned from some posts here that you left for Shanghai, so there's a possibility that you won't be attending sh E's concert... Even a little gift means something especially to Ella! CLIPMay - News of Ella having a secret boyfriend (DJ) start to appear. here's the picture of Chun wearing it also the news accompanying the picture pretty sure the reporter made fun of Chun coz CE fans of are very mad about this news .. love love love it when he said that he wants his baby to be chubby like that too (ehehe..

Though on my opinion that's not the only thing we do now when joining. (it is more realistic if the term buddy-buddy or close/best friend means in the context of CLP that “we are not yet ready to reveal the truth”. BTS 1 & 2.25 Nov - HK promotion in Hsinchu.26 Nov - HK promotion in Tainan.27 Nov - HK cast attend "Kang Xi Lai Le", the two kiss because of a mistaken favorite dish.28 Nov - Charity event.01 Dec - HK cast attend "Lian Ai Bai Fen Bai" (aka. Please help me get over of such hyperness of repeating all of your names for my indi replies to you. Didn't actually notice at all that I was visible under the online list. I would be really excited if a big star caught their eye on my art work so congrats to you.

Make sure also to get ready, fasten your seatbelt, and enjoy the roller coaster ride of CE! But one thing I love with CE, though they say that they're just buddies or friends, they don't stop in giving us endless hints that suggest THEY ARE LOVERS! (am_starstruck2CE)Butt - This is CE's favorite part to each other. 100% Entertainment), Ella chooses Chun as her ideal boyfriend. Looks like you have good luck with stars since Chun took notice of your artwork and your posts about Okinawa before.

During this party, his attention was focused solo on the food, not on the people around him. BTS from Tank's Album 1 & 227 Jan - FLH as guests in SHE's "Yi Dong Cheng Bao" concert.29 Jan - HK press conference in Singapore, the infamous smack-heard-around-spores happened. Seeing CE vids such as those literally completes my day. They're a sweet couple and I hope they'll go through with the marriage. had very hectic life just before the fasting month till now .the way , though I haven't post anything , I've always lurk in this thread and am very grateful to all our beloved Angels that post dilligently so that we can be here by now ...

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But it was not long before the two had the chance to work together. Ella was hyper and Chun, being new to the entertainment industry, was quiet and shy. Full 1 & 2.29 Jan - HK promo on YES 93.3 FM.29 Jan - HK promo in Singapore, Tampines Mall.01 Feb - Filming for Chinese New Years Special program (Summer X Summer vs. I wish CE can openly display their happiness together too. .actually , I've just logged in and checked out ... have just read something that actually made me smile ... oh , I'm soo happy that Chun updated his album with those pictures of the chubby cute baby ...ekekee.. Then if you take a look at the pictures of the two on this date [2009 Jan 11], CHUN and ELLA, you can see that Chun's wearing the ring and Ella's not. The two not only share facial expressions common with each other, they also share the same thoughts. I've observed that you put your right hand on your lap. "Part 31 : by May, “Hi Chun, I know that even if you want to suppress your feelings towards your BAOBEI, you just can't, it just comes out naturally...true-blooded CE Angels can see and feel it; lately, you were being accused of so many harsh things... Inspite the fact that sometimes you have to some keep things in private because you still deserve your own personal life, you still assure us with your actions towards your "good friend", Ella and inspire us with all your words that you have shared to all of your fans. We, CE Angels are waiting patiently for your special action! Part 55 : by Ruby, " I know you know what Ella meant when she said she wanted to have a love proposal like Selina's. Also, during BTS, Chun being protective and trying to point out how her shirt collar was a little low!? CLIP24-27 Mar - Filming of another MN CF in Hainan Island.1 May - Super Supau handshake event, CE as endorsers. (more)6 May - Rumors swirling around CE, stating that CE once dated for 1 year plus.18 Jun - Ella's birthday; Chun spotted at the airport, rushing back to Taiwan with just 10 minutes to spare before the day of Ella's actual birthday.

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