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23-Dec-2017 11:41

People get on these lines to find friends, have phone sex chats (uk) or even arrange dates, which can either be genuine or just for some intimate pleasure. Guys believe that they’re going to chat to a live sexy young lady but once they have paid their money, they learn that the lady is much older or is actually a male pretending to be a female. Some businesses even go to the extent of paying ladies to keep the guys chatting so their phone bills clock up the extra dollars.

These businesses generally let the females ring for free and charge the males. When the bill arrives, the guys quite often are shocked and embarrassed at the amount of money they actually spent, especially if they’re in a relationship and tried to do it discretely.

These phone numbers are set up so people can have access to certain information whenever they want it.

That means some teens can do social networking literally anywhere, in which case any filter you may have installed on a home computer does nothing to block social networking.Talk with your teens about where they’re accessing their profiles or blogs from and whether they’re using the same good sense about how they’re social networking on their phones. More and more cell phones have GPS technology installed, which means teens who have these phones can pinpoint their friends’ physical location – or be pinpointed by their friends.Talk with your kids about using such technology and advise them to use it only with friends they know in person. Most mobile phones we use today have cameras, some videocams – and teens love to share media with friends on all types of mobile devices.We’re only going to look at three of these reasons: psychic hotlines, competitions/games and adult sex/dating/phone chats.

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We can see how they work and what money is made from them.Popular TV shows such as American Idol and X Factor allow you to vote for your favorite performer.