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Jacques Cassini, creator of the current method, explained: The year 0 is that in which one supposes that Jesus Christ was born, which several chronologists mark 1 before the birth of Jesus Christ and which we marked 0, so that the sum of the years before and after Jesus Christ gives the interval which is between these years, and where numbers divisible by 4 mark the leap years as so many before or after Jesus Christ.

, and as a calendar leap year divisible by 4 (having an extra day in February).

The Arabic numeral for zero (0) did not enter Europe until the thirteenth century.

Even then, it was known only to very few, and only entered widespread use in Europe by the seventeenth century.

The Babylonian system of the BC era had used the idea of "nothingness" without considering it a number, and the Romans enumerated in much the same way.Bede did not sequentially number days of the month, weeks of the year, or months of the year.

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