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Then they turned around and drove right back through the gates of their factory compound without a word.In March 2008, Li and other farmers in Gaolong, a village in the central plains of Henan Province near the Yellow River, told a Washington Post reporter that workers from the nearby Luoyang Zhonggui High-Technology Company had been dumping this industrial waste in fields around their village every day for nine months.Never, the World Bank tells us, has a nation industrialized and modernized so quickly or lifted so many millions out of poverty in such a short time.

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When exposed to humid air, silicon tetrachloride turns into acids and poisonous hydrogen chloride gas, which can make people dizzy and cause breathing difficulties. Reckless dumping of industrial waste is everywhere in China.

[But] there won't be enough money, and we are simply running out of time.

Developed countries with a per capita gross national product of ,000 to ,000 can afford that, but we cannot.

Chinese companies have been producing it for ,000 to ,000 a ton, saving millions of dollars a month, by just dumping the toxic waste in rural areas on helpless village communities. It illustrates how the marriage of capitalism and Stalinist bureaucratic collectivism has created a diabolically destructive hybrid economic system, a rogue economy that is ravaging China's environment, ruining the health of Chinese people, rendering more and more of the country unlivable, driving the country to ecological collapse and threatening to bring the whole planet down with it. China Self-Destructs For more than three decades, China's "miracle" economy has been the envy of the world or at least the envy of capitalist economists for whom wealth creation is the highest purpose of human life.

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Since 1979, China's GDP has grown by an average of just under 10 percent per year.

But such environmental protection technology is expensive.

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