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16-Aug-2017 05:54

I began casually seeing someone who really wasn't even close to my physical or emotional type, yet was just interesting enough to engage in pleasant conversation with and just attractive enough to share late-night drunken kisses with.

One particularly chill-inducing bay-area evening, I ventured downtown to meet my “casual hookup” for a late-night cocktail.

You haven’t spent enough time with this person for him or her to know about the crazy, broken-hearted, fearful and weirdly eccentric parts of yourself yet. Since it hasn’t been nearly long enough for this person to discover your wickedly dark side — there could only be one reason this “relationship” ended before it began: You’re ugly.

You’ve been acting like a finely curated art gallery, specifically exhibiting only your very best work. Maybe all those insecurities that plagued your soul in middle school true, but none of your friends or family members had the wherewithal to tell you.

Shortly after our breakup tonight, he sent me a text message saying he was sorry and that he’d really like to keep in touch.

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And tiny shards of glass began to prick the entirety of my body (wait -- this wasn’t supposed to hurt. How can someone break up with you before having had the opportunity to experience dating you?This person has been warned by an army of exes that somehow banded together as a united force set to destroy you by blasting every social media outlet with stories detailing how bat-sh*t crazy you are. This person was nothing more than a pathetic filler, and this is the way the UNIVERSE is working to protect you (it's always all about you, remember) from dating a LOSER.The only thing to do is move to another country (I always dreamed of living in Paris) and start a new life somewhere no one knows your name. And it's the powerful flames of anger that will burn down the sting of your rejection, empower you and set you FREE.I can vividly remember the first time this ever happened to me.

I was spending the summer in San Francisco fresh off the skillet from a brutal breakup, attempting to heal my wounded, cracked heart.

Kissing a bad kisser is enough to make you entirely lose your sex drive after the 30-second mouth-to-mouth exchange.