Invalidating list iterator

09-Oct-2017 03:51

Cause: The value of index1 was greater than the value for index2 in the call to BIND_ARRAY.This is illegal since the elements of the table that will be bound are those with indexes greater than or equal to index1 and less than or equal to index2. In other words tab.exists(index1) and tab.exists(index2) must both return true. Cause: The LOWER_BOUND argument specified in the call to procedure DEFINE_ARRAY had an invalid value.Cause: The SELECT expression was of a different numeric precision or string length than the corresponding container column.Therefore, query rewrite cannot guarantee results that are identical to the results obtained with the un-rewritten query.The function should be marked DETERMINISTIC only if it always returns the same result value for any given set of input argument values, regardless of any database state or session state.

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References can occur in hierarchies and attributes within the dimension.

Cause: The select clause referenced UID, USER, ROWNUM, SYSDATE, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, MAXVALUE, a sequence number, a bind variable, correlation variable, a set result, a trigger return variable, a parallel table queue column, collection iterator, and so on.