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18-Aug-2017 10:56

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When Peter turns up,he finds himself being ordered aound like a slave and on the receiving end of Bella bragging about her cooking exploits. He thinks she’s eccentric and later says she’s she’s slightly crazy and could make him an embarrassment with his rugger mates.Still she burns the butternut she’s been preparing. He does praise Bella’s cooking ,saying it was almost restaurant quality.( I didn’t believe him) For a big occasion like this ,in true Ma$terchef tradition, Charlotte tells us that she hasn’t made much of this food before and is truly winging it without any scales in the kitchen.She’s an antique book seller in “Daddy’s business”.Stiff upperclass English accent down pat,she’s looking for a “nice chap” and an old fashioned courtship.Charlotte’s hoping for a bloke who isn’t scruffy or in brown shoes.

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So far an early review from Jace at Televisionary seems GREAT.

There’s an ad break so I go back to the Charlie Sheen roast.