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28-Dec-2017 19:36

These customarily contained twelve images, a tradition with its roots in Chinese shunkyu higa.Shunga was also produced in hand scroll format, called kakemono-e (掛け物絵).The introduction of Western culture and technologies at the beginning of the Meiji era (1868–1912), particularly the importation of photo-reproduction techniques, had serious consequences for shunga.For a time, woodblock printing continued to be used, but figures began to appear in prints wearing Western clothing and hairstyles.Eventually, shunga could no longer compete with erotic photography, leading to its decline.The art of shunga provided an inspiration for the Shōwa (1926–1989) and Heisei (1989–present) art in Japanese video games, anime and manga known in the Western world as hentai and known formally in Japan as jū hachi kin (adult-only, literally "18-restricted").Superstitions and customs surrounding shunga suggest as much; in the same way that it was considered a lucky charm against death for a samurai to carry shunga, it was considered a protection against fire in merchant warehouses and the home.

As a subset of ukiyo-e it was enjoyed by all social groups in the Edo period, despite being out of favour with the shogunate.

Like shunga, hentai is sexually explicit in its imagery.