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Consider this scene: Govinda, a cop, is walking with a blind woman when rowdies tease them, calling them “Andha Kanoon.”But Govinda is not the one to take jibes lying down, and retorts: “Wakalat ki keel kanoon ke hathaure ko mat dikhaiye warna aisi jagah maarunga ki tasreef ko kursi nahi milegi.”In another scene, villains circle the same visually-challenged woman and say, “Tu toh ye bhi nahi keh sakti ki main tujhe dekh lungi.”Fatigue is visible on Govinda’s face, still he dances on ‘Sadde naal ban jaata hai loser bhi achiever, sadda toh hai lohe da liver.’Tacky visual effects seem straight out of 90s television show Shaktimaan sans Mukesh Khanna’s charm.Probably budget was an issue, so every time a bad guy falls on the walls, the whole frame shakes.

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Govinda also intends to jump off cliffs, dance his heart out and deliver dialogues like: “Naam puchhne se pehle diaper toh pehan le. ”Besides, baddies also get a chance to introduce themselves!Govinda’s old friends such as Chandrachur Singh and Harish return after long, and contribute their share of hamming.